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Sifu’s Log

Wing Chun: Relaxed Hands are Dangerous

I remember when I was studying Wing Chun with my Sifu, Grandmaster Ip Chun, back in 1985 or 86, he told me that his father, Grandmaster Ip Man had said, “In Wing Chun, when you Chi Sau with someone and you don’t feel anything from them, that means his level is high.” At the time I understood what he meant, but I could not do that.…


Grandmaster Tse Manchester June 2014

I always feel a little nervous when Sifu comes up to Manchester. Manchester is where Sifu originally began teaching, when he moved to the UK from Hong Kong.…


Grandmaster Ip Chun’s 90th Birthday

In September, Grandmaster Ip Chun celebrated his 90th birthday. What a incredible milestone to reach. Most of us would be happy enough to reach this age, but when you realise that he is still fit and active and still able to Chi Sau with anyone it is quite amazing.…


Grandmaster Michael Tse Seminar Nov 2012


Grandmaster Tse  paid another visit to the Northwest and was greeted by a large group of excited students eager to benefit from his vast knowledge of Ip Man Wing Chun plus the other skills of Qigong, Shaolin Chun Yuen Quan and Chen Tajiiquan.…


Lucky In Loucun

I am lucky enough to have just been to Fatshan, China, to take part in the opening of the new Ip Man Memorial Hall in Loucun.


Teaching without Teaching

Many years ago my Sifu coined the phrase, “Teaching without telling.” When you are being taught you expect to be told some new information, this could be a technique, skill, application or new movement in a form. This is a very fundamental level of teaching and learning.

Dreaming of Kung Fu

There are many people who love the idea of learning a martial art, I have come across a lot of people who say, “Oh I would love to do something like that.” However, the plain truth is not many of them actually go out and do it. It is a pity that fewer and fewer people seemed prepared to follow their dreams. Why is that?

Plateauing Out

It is a common feeling to find that you have reached a plateau in your Wing Chun training. When you first start everything is new and exciting, but after a while you find that that this passes and you come to a point where you feel that you are no longer improving.

Sharp Wing Chun

Wing Chun is not aggressive, practical yes, aggressive no. It is the same as a sharp knife, if you don't treat it properly you can hurt yourself and others, but if you know how to use it correctly then you can get the job done more easily.