Sheffield Meadowhead/Norton

photo Sifu Matt Laurie

Sheffield Meadowhead/Norton Classes are taught by Sifu Matt Laurie

Classes in Sheffield Meadowhead/Norton are held every week. New students are welcome to joint at any time. Study Authentic Ip Man Wing Chun in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.


8.30 to 9.30pm

New Graves Leisure Centre
Bochum Parkway
S8 8JR

or call 07896 977 388

Sifu Matt Lauie also teaches in Chesterfield.

About Sifu Matt Laurie

Sifu Matthew Laurie started training with the Tse Qigong Centre in 2001 and is now a diligent student of Master Darryl Moy. Matthew is a passionate teacher and dedicates himself to both learning and passing on the traditional skill as it has been taught to him by his teacher. Sifu Laurie feels priviliged to have good relationship with both Master Moy and his grandteacher Master Michael Tse with whom he looks forward to studying on seminars and residentials. Sifu Laurie is authorised to teach Wing Chun Kuen, Wild Goose Qigong, Chun Yuen Quan and Chen style Taijiquan and he also practices Hard Qigong, experience that brings depth and context to his teaching.

  1. alvin leer says:

    Hi there, I am moving to the area, and am wondering how much you charge per class? Do you have space for one more person (beginner)?

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