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Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu L:iverpool taught at St Margaret's Sports and Circket Centre

Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu Liverpool taught at St Margaret’s Sports and Circket Centre

Study Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu in Liverpool in a safe, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. New students are welcome at all times and all students, whatever their Wing Chun Kung Fu experience, train together as this allows the skill to develop quicker.

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There are a wide range of students from different backgrounds, cultures and ages. Some have only just begun their study of Ip Man Wing Chun and others have been studying for a many years.

You are welcome to come and watch the class, however we encourage you to join in as this is the only way to get a real feel for Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu. There is no formal uniform, though there is a club polo shirt which you receive once you become a member and so t-shirt, jogging pants and trainers are normal attire. Study Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu at the classes in Liverpool and develop self confidence, improve your health and learn a practical self defence skill.


Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu Liverpool
Class times and venue

Tuesday 8.30 to 9.30

St Margarets Sports & Cricket Centre
Aigburth Road
Liverpool L17 6AB

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Other Skills Taught at this venue:
Northern Shaolin Chun Yuen Quan 6.30 to 7.30pm
Wild Goose Dayan Qigong 7.30 to 8.30pm

81 thoughts on “Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu Liverpool

  1. Hello. I am interested in observing your class. I am interested in self defence and fitness aspect. Are you still taking beginners? What are your fees? Is it okay if i come along to observe?

  2. Hello Sifu Moy,

    I would like to know if you are still accepting new students and I would like some information about the prices.

    Many thanks in advance

    Kind regards


  3. Hi im interresested learn martial art with sifu Moy
    what days in what location are the classes how many times a week i need to train as the beginner and what the costs

  4. Christopher woolfall

    Hi I am interested in wing chun an just wondering how much does the classes cost an times/days.

    Many thanks

  5. Hi there can I get some information on prices? I am really interested in joining the wing chun classes. I’m a complete beginner.

  6. Victoria gilbert

    Hi my husband and son are interested in joining your classes could you please send me some more information thankyou

  7. Hi. I a looking on taking up a martial arts, and I would like to start wing chun. I was wondering what the classes involve? And what times please?


  8. Are beginners still welcome? Could you also let me know about prices I was thinking to come and join next week if possible. Thanks. Dan

  9. Hélène Balosetti

    Hello, we would be interested in coming to Liverpool classes but we were wondering how much does a class cost? Thank you!

  10. Hi, I’m enquiring about the classes in Liverpool? Could you please tell me if there suitable for beginners and the price of the lessons? Thanks

  11. Sifu

    I am looking to join and would like some details on pricing etc. I recently aquired my red belt in Shotokan Karate but it wasn’t right for me.

    Looking forward to your respone.

    Kind regards


  12. Hi,

    I’m very interested to tryout a class I Liverpool.
    Could you provide me some more information about the classes and the prices please?

    Thank you in advance
    Kind regards,

  13. Hello!
    I’m interested in learning Wing Chun to develop my fitness and general awareness. Any details on the classes would be appreciated. I have a family member who may want to come along as well.

  14. Hi
    Me and my partner are interested in coming to your Kung fu class. We are both complete beginners.
    Can we turn up on Tuesday at 8.30?
    How much is the class?


  15. Hello, I am really interested in joining your Kung Fu classes however I am a complete beginner, can I just turn up to the 8:30pm class on Tuesdays? Also, how much does each class cost?


  16. Hi, I am interested in learning more about wing chun and attending your classes. Would you be able to send some more details about availability to start and pricing?


  17. Hello, I’m interested in joining your classes in Liverpool. could you please send me some information re the prices of the classes. Also, is Tuesday the only time you offer or are there other classes as well? Thank you.

  18. Please can you send me more information about your classes. How much is it and is it a monthly payment? I am in Wirral but wanting to join your academy and willing to travel to learn this interesting martial art. Thank you

  19. Hi I’m interested in joining your Tuesday class in Liverpool could you please email me the prices of the classes thank you

  20. Hello, I am interested in joining and an complete beginner. Could you possibly email some off the info such as prices, classes, etc.
    Thank you

  21. Hello Sifu Moy, could I get some details on the pricing and hours for the classes/membership? I have experience in other martial arts (taekwondo, hapkido) but completely fine with starting over from basics. Thanks.

  22. Hello,
    I am 52 and interested in learning wing chung in liverpool.
    Am i too old to learn? and how much does it cost.
    Much appreciated
    Best Regards

  23. Hi I am interested in taking classes for wing chun could you please send me some details on pricing and schedule, thank you.

  24. Hello Sifu Moy,

    I am interested in attending your classes, would it be possible for you to send me the cost of the classes please,

    Kind Regards


      • Hi , been thinking about self defence / martial arts for years , more so now as I’m in my 30s . (36) how would a complete novice go about it ? Cost / not an issue more guidance and motivation needed . Thanks

  25. Hello Sifu Moy,

    I am interested in taking some Wing Chun classes. Could you send me some information regarding the prices and scheduling?

    Thank you.

  26. Hello. I’m a complete beginner to martial arts other than boxing. Could you please send me some extra information with prices, times and anything else that would be appropriate. Thank you

  27. Hello Sifu Moy,

    I am interested in taking some Wing Chun classes. Could you send me some information regarding the prices and scheduling?

    Thank you.

  28. I would like to start wing chun but, I want to know the prices and the payment method, is it monthly or per session?
    Thank you!!

  29. Dear Sifu,
    Please could you give me further details about classes and fees. I have no experience in Wing Chun or any martial art, but I am very interested in joining classes and learning.
    Thank you,
    Kind Regards,

  30. Dear Sir,
    I’m interested in wing chun. Could you please send some details about the lessons dates, timimgs and price as well please.

  31. Hi can I know all the information regarding classes ans fees. I also want to know, down require any previous experience in this field? Cause I’m a fresher and don’t know anything about this art.

  32. Hi, could you please send me some information about your classes. I would like to try wing chun, mainly to get fit and also to learn self defence. I’m 43 years old and a total beginner. I would also like to enquire whether it would be appropriate for my son, who is 11 next month.



  33. Hi, I came to watch a class a few years ago and was thinking of starting back up in martial arts after some time out, can I possibly come along on a Tuesday?



  34. hello,
    i am very intereated in joining your class. I am 26 years old, and have zero experience in any martial art. I am looking to improve my health and generally get fitter. Can you provide me with extra information, such as prices and if in fact you do cater for beginners?

    Thanks, matt.

    • Thank you for your email. No previous experience is necessary. I have sent you some info.

      Kind regards
      Sifu Moy

    • The class is in the St Margaret’s Sports Centre which is behind St Margaret’s School. Gerneally you need to be at least 13 years old (as the evening classes finish quite late).

  35. To honourable teacher of wing chun

    I would like to inquire about details of taught classes such as price, time, location etc. The student in question is a 13 yr old boy. Do you teach adults only or children as well.

    Thank you for your time

  36. Hi. I a looking on taking up a martial arts, and I would like to start wing chun. I was wondering what the classes involve? How much is it? And what times please?

    Thankyou for your time

    • i. I a looking on taking up a martial arts, and I would like to start wing chun. I was wondering what the classes involve? How much is it? And what times please?

  37. I would like to attend the classes, I have trained in karate and kung fu as a child and in aikido for the last ten years, I have had to quit aikido due to bi polar and anxiety related to driving through the tunnel to attend. I have had three classes in wing chun at other schools. Are the classes still on and how much is the fees for classes and membership?



  38. To staff in liverpool Wing chun classes
    Hi ,,,my names leon,,,I already start wing chun in HK about a mouth ,,but I want to carry on learning in UK,,I just want to ask can I come today and how much will that cost?
    many thanks

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