Colourful Mix

Recently on two different occasion two different students apologised to me whilst I was teaching him. When I asked them what they were saying sorry for, they said, “I’m sorry as this must be very boring for you.” I smiled and reassured them that teaching them was not boring at all. I like teaching beginners as much as I like teaching seniors students. New students are like young plants, they need a lot of attention and care. Senior students are like mature plants, they need different attention, they are not as fragile and just need trimming here and there, but they know which way they are growing. When you have a mature garden you can sit back and enjoy it, but without new plants the garden will get old and tired. Like new plants, new students inject new life and colour into a class and this helps to keep the more senior students motivated as they can gauge how they have progressed and also helps them realise that they are no longer beginners.

A good healthy class has a good healthy mix of different people. Different ages, backgrounds and personalities but all connected by their passion for the skill they are learning. In a healthy class you can get to meet people that you might never come across in your “normal” life. When you have a rich variety of people you have different views, experiences and characters. This makes the class more colourful and interesting.

I love Wing Chun and teaching is what I do, how could I be bored doing what I love?

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