Chester Classes

Chester Classes are taught by Sifu Martin McDermott

Classes in Chester are held every week. New students are welcome to joint at any time. Study Authentic Ip Man Wing Chun in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.


8.30 to 9.30pm

Upton United Reformed Church,
Heath Road

or call 07590 807554

About Sifu Martin McDermott

Sifu Martin McDermott has been studying with the Tse Qigong Centre for over 10 years. He has trained extensively with his Sigong, Master Darryl Moy and his Tai Sigong, Grandmaster Michael Tse. Not only that he has also travelled with his teachers to China and Hong Kong on many occasions to further his studies and experience the many aspects of Chinese teaching and culture.

He has now taken over the teaching of the Chester classes and seeks to provide all his students with the benefits he has found within his own training.

  1. Richard Watkins says:

    Hi I’m interested in taking up wing chun is this club still going

  2. Jonathan Pym says:

    Hi there just wondering if the classes are still on in upton chester as im interested in learning wing chun. If so how much they are etc

    1. Sifu Moy says:

      Thanks for your msg. I have passed you msg to the instructor who teaches the Chester Classes.

  3. Tom says:


    I am looking to start Wing Chun classes in Chester and was wondering if you could tell me how much they cost and if I need any special equipment or clothing?

    Thank you,

    1. Sifu Moy says:

      Thanks for your msg. I have forwarded you enquiry to Sifu Simon Bedford who teaches this class.

  4. Ellis says:

    Hi I was wondering if you could send me price details & is it just once a week or can I go more times than that?

  5. Sasha says:


    Please could you send me more information on your Upton class? times, prices etc.


  6. Paul Jones says:

    Hi, do you still hold the Wing Chun classes in the Upton United Reform church on Thursdays? If so how do I enquire about joining?



    1. Sifu Moy says:

      Thanks for your msg. These classes are running. I have forwarded your enquiry to Sifu Simon Bedford who teaches them. Kiind regards
      Sifu Moy

  7. James Close says:


    I was wondering if you could give me anymore advice with regards to joining your class i.e. Prices and equipment I may need and is it suitable for beginners as I have not participated in any strenuous physical activity for quite some time which leaves my fitness levels rather low. Thank you in advance. Regards James.

    1. Sifu Moy says:

      Thanks for your enquiry. I have sent you some info. You don’t need any equiptment, just wear T-shirt, joggin pants, trainers etc. Basically clothes you can exercise in.

      Kind regards
      Sifu Moy

  8. John Hilton says:

    Hi Simon,
    I hope you are well, can you tell me what evenings you teach?
    I am very interested in learning Wing Chun. I have studied various disciplines over the years but have forgotten most of it now!
    I have always wanted to learn Wing Chun it would be great to come and participate if you have space etc. I live in Chester and am 40 years old, would I be suitable for your lessons?

    Thank you for your time.
    John Hilton

    1. Sifu Moy says:

      There should be no problem with you studying at the Chester class. This is on Thursdays from 8.30 to 9.30pm. You message has been passed onto Sifu Simon Bedford and he will contact you ASAP.

      Kind regards
      Sifu Moy

      1. Lilla says:

        Hi Simon,
        I’m a 27 year old woman, also interested in your lessons, but I’m only available after 18 pm every day. Is there a possibility to sort that out? Thank you.
        Kind Regards,

        1. Sifu Moy says:

          Thank you for you msg. All my Wing Chun classes (apart from Wilmslow) start at 20.00 or 20.30.

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