Authorised Instructors & Regional Classes

Authorised InstructorsAuthorised instructors who have been trained by Master Darryl Moy to a very senior level in Ip Man Wing Chun Kuen. They have been studying with him for many years and have been assessed and authorised to teach by Grandmaster Michael Tse. They are now fully qualified to teach and have opened their own classes.

To become an instructor takes time and dedication. All instructors have been training for a minimum number of years. Over time their attitude, demeanour and “heart”, as well as skill has been assessed to determine whether they have the potential to become authorised instructors.

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They have then been personally nominated by Master Moy to attend Grandmaster Michael Tse’s instructor training courses. Having┬ápassed the course their instructor training continues to make them not only more skilled, but also more knowledgable and better comunicators. Thus they are equiped to be able to pass down the skill, principles and martial arts morals of Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Not all instructors decide to teach their own classes and instead continue to train and assist in classes.  Those who have opended their own classes are listed below you can contact them directly for more information.

Authorised Classes

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